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Your Consultant is Renae Mitchell

My Story

I love all things Penn State, so I absolutely fell in love with all of the Scentsy products when I came home to my parent's house in 2012 when I saw my mom's Penn State warmer. All the different scents that she warmed smelled great. I have 8 warmers on in my house at all times and I love trying all of the Scent of Months as they are released!

I became a Independent Scentsy Consultant because I wanted to earn extra money by sharing products that I fell in love with, with everyone who will listen. :) I love meeting new people. I am currently in the Carroll County area and Scentsy is a great way to get to know my neighbors and find out everything Baltimore and Carroll Counties has to offer.

I have a team of 18 consultants under me currently who are enjoying the Scentsy journey and using Scentsy to help them reach their goals. I would love to have you join my Scentsy team so that I can help you achieve your goals!

Feel free to message me and we can talk about Scentsy or anything else! Extra points if you are a football!! :)